You’re looking at a 6-year-old artist fully “in the zone” after one of my classes. Her mom sent this photo afterward and reported that this young artist continued to work for a long, long time after class had ended.

This is creativity embodied!

We won’t all grow up to be professional artists, but we can all – regardless of age – be in touch with our creative spark.

“It’s like a switch was flipped inside (my learner) the day he took your first class, after months of almost nothing. Now he is making making making every single day and our house is strewn with the results of all this happy art and industry! He’s inspired us all and now we are creating art as a family regularly, too. So thank you for being that inflection point, and for keeping him and us inspired every week!”
-Parent of a 6-year-old

I delight in shepherding artists of all ages through exploration of art media and, most importantly, engaging their creativity while giving them agency to explore their own ideas.

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