A 7-year-old explores brushstrokes

Watercolors are so much more than liquid crayons – which is how many kids use them!

In this fun five-day process-oriented painting class, learners start with the fundamentals of watercolor and quickly move beyond the idea of using watercolors to simply paint solid colors. Half the fun of watercolors is the amazing effects you can create! Learners will explore brushstrokes, practice blending, and marvel at the different textures and effects they can get when we combine watercolors with other art materials! Please note: this is not step-by-step art creation for the most part. I’m teaching them TECHNIQUES, and giving them some ideas how to use them, but learners will be creating their own self-directed art with those techniques.

Mon 8/29-Fri 9/2 in Ardmore, PA from 9:00-10:00

DayDream Kreative Studios, a small storefront space located at 35 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003. We’ll be the only group using the space during class time.

Watercolor texture & brush exploration by an 8-year-old artist

7-to-10-year-old artists who want to ramp up their skills in using watercolors – and who love the freedom to explore in a more open-ended way rather than being told exactly what to paint! This process-oriented class is just right for relative beginners who have primarily painted in a very straightforward way with watercolors (filling in big outlined areas with a single color almost like they are liquid crayons) – but even kids with a little more watercolor experience might come away with new ways to think about watercolors, and new ways to create textures and blend colors.

We will explore the absolute basics on day 1, and then expand to the more fascinating effects on subsequent days.
In day 1’s intro, we’ll be talking about the fundamentals – how much water to use, different ways to hold a brush, wet on dry and wet on wet. Days 2-5 will involve experiments with salt, paper towels, tape, plastic wrap, wax paper and crayons to create different textures and effects.

An 8-year-old combines wet-on-wet watercolor exploration with observational drawing

**PLEASE NOTE: I do not generally offer step-by-step guidance to create look-alike artworks – with the exception of one small landscape experiment, every student’s work will be different!**
*I focus on PROCESS and not product. The ultimate goal of the class is for your learner to gain familiarity and comfort with the many possibilities of this versatile art medium.
*How do learners get comfortable with a new medium? By exploring in different ways! Although I will demonstrate techniques for learners to practice in class with me, a lot of their artwork will be completely self-generated based on the themes and techniques of the day, so I can’t tell you what specific artworks they’ll end up with.
*On many days, they will be generating a lot of experimenting and not so much that feels ‘finished.’ This is an important part of the process!
*They will have time to put their skills into practice with self-directed artwork. One day, we’ll look at images of animals to inspire us, but learners can go in their own directions, too.
*The one think I can tell you definitively is, all learners’ art will be created with watercolors 🙂

A 6-year-old’s rather mountainous texture exploration

I teach a very interactive class. I ask learners questions and hope for active participation. I offer clear demonstrations, and use stories & analogies to help learners remember concepts. After the demo, I walk around to help and motivate learners as needed!

$125 includes the class fee and all art materials. The class is limited to 8 students maximum to ensure indivdual attention.

Please understand that with limited class space available, when you register, you are holding a space in the class that another student could fill. As such:
*I need a minimum of 4 students to run each session. Should I not reach that minimum by a week prior to class time, I will send you a prompt refund of your registration fee.
*Once enrollment minimums have been met, the class fee is nonrefundable unless a another student is available to take your child’s place.
*I do not offer refunds or make-up classes for missed class sessions.