Enthusiasm is contagious! I love what I do, and it shows!

I worked with Stephanie for over a decade at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and she always had new, creative, and fun ways to approach looking at and making art. She is genuinely passionate about the material she teaches, something that students of any age pick up on, and finds ways to spark a sense of wonder and curiosity in the material for her students. Her enthusiasm, years of experience, and connection with her audiences made her programs popular!
-Jennifer Kalter, former Assoicate Educator/Family Programs Supervisor, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Stephanie always brings in positive energy to her class (I just love her big smiles and exuberant laughter!) and encourages her students NOT to follow step-by-step instructions, but to be curious, to be creative, and to explore. She also explains how things work in a clear, logical way that seems to click instantly with these eager young minds!”
-Parent of a 7-year-old

“Stephanie is so much fun. She oozes a playful and contagious creative energy. In this class, your child will be engaged and encouraged, and helped “just enough”. My daughter is always curious to hear what fun idea Mrs Stephanie has next. Each class focuses on a new basic technique and creative prompt, but the results will beautifully vary from child to child. Break out of step-by-step “copy me exactly” art classes and experience the joy of well-kindled creative freedom.
-Parent of a 7-year-old

[Stephanie is] cheerful, thorough, interested, exciting, involving, engaging, curious, genuine, friendly, captivating, enthusiastic… and to say more I would need my thesaurus.
-Parent of a participant in a Metropolitan Museum of Art Family Program

My daughters LOVED this perceptual drawing class and thought it was the best art class they’ve ever taken. Their drawing skills improved appreciably with each class session, and they feel so much more confident when sketching now. They would recommend this class to anyone who loves drawing but has difficulty actually capturing on paper what they are seeing – it’s a challenging skill to acquire, and Stephanie does an incredible job imparting this ‘seeing’ ability…we would definitely sign up in a heartbeat for more classes with Stephanie, who is unfailingly patient, enthusiastic, and an all-around outstanding teacher!”
-Parent of 10-year-olds

 I love Stephanie’s approach and the way she talks to children. She treats them like artists, and they respond. My child can be reluctant and lack confidence when it comes to art, and this class made him feel comfortable experimenting. He enjoyed starting with basics and building on them and having the freedom to play.”
-Parent of a 4-year-old

“My kids loved how Stephanie introduced an art concept, and then encouraged them to play with it and make it their own. She’s very patient and encouraging with kids as they explore. There was a lot of conversation to help the kids make connections to previous concepts. I also appreciated that she took the time to break down how to properly use tools and materials from scissors to oil pastels. My kids were at the older end of the age group, and even they hadn’t heard all of the scissors tips before.
-Parent of an 8-year-old

“My learner (6) loved this class. She learned lots of practical art skills, while also given lots of time to be creative. I am so happy we went with this class, the live instruction was invaluable and my learner felt like a true artist!
-Parent of a 6-year-old

Stephanie brings a joy and devotion to her craft that is rarely seen. She has an excellent method of approaching beginning level students with her clear and effective manner.”
-Patter Hellstrom, former Fine Arts Chairperson, St Peter’s Prep, Jersey City, NJ

Stephanie promotes the journey of art rather than just the product, which is so beneficial to a little artist. My daughter gained confidence in her ideas and developed a real growth mindset about her art. We would give this class more than 5 stars if we could!”
-Parent of a 7-year-old

Stephanie couples her book-making expertise with an engaging approach to which children and adults respond with equal enthusiasm.
-Sarah Nicholls, Program Manager, Center for Book Arts, New York, NY

My daughter ADORES Stephanie’s class! It is process and creativity oriented, not working toward a goal or product, so she always has fun and rarely gets frustrated. Stephanie is also great at managing the Zoom environment and giving kids a chance to share without all talking at once.”
-Parent of a 5-year-old

Ms. Stephanie truly has a gift for sparking creativity and imagination. She encourages individual thinking in the art process while helping kids understand that there are no ‘mistakes’. My daughter had so much fun and hopes to take more classes with Ms. Stephanie soon!”
-Parent of an 8-year-old

“[My son] loved this class. He came downstairs telling me we can get rid of our bin (trash can) and send it back to Ikea as we will never have to throw any paper away again. His imagination has been expanded!
-Parent of a 7-year-old

“A wonderful teacher and class- it opens children´s eyes to seeing things differently, using their imagination, and realizing there are no mistakes that cannot be leveraged and even made better. A relaxing, fun time to explore creatively…”
-Parent of a 7-year-old

I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s wonderful how you are teaching this class. Of course, project based art classes are fun, but learning techniques is like teaching a child to fish. He has different projects he just works on all the time that he makes up himself and many of them include techniques that he learned from you. So thanks! I think you’re awesome.”
-Parent of a 7-year-old

“Stephanie’s approach to visiting a museum has been a gift for my whole family; it has forever changed our museum-going experience. And though her classes are always well thought out and organized, the real gem is how passionate she is about the material and how much she cares as a teacher.
-Parent of an 11-year-old

“Awesome, lively, engaging and engaged – clearly loves what she does and is great at it!
-Parent of a participant at a Metropolitan Museum Family Festival

“Stephanie has the capacity to transform the visual arts program in any school where she is the art teacher.”
-Paul Sproll, PhD, Head, Department of Art Education, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

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