When kids make books, they want to fill them!

Ribbon-tied accordions, 2-hole book, wraparound pamphlet stitch

Oh, do I love sharing bookmaking with people! Try any or all of the following five single-session bookmaking workshops, best for ages 8 and up*, to discover the joys of making your own books. It’s so much fun to create a book with multiple pages – you can fill it with drawings, writing, photos – the sky’s the limit!

I’ve taught simple bookmaking techniques to kids and adults for many years, and pride myself on offering very clear and easy-to-follow instructions – I use analogies and stories and sound effects to better help kids remember the directions. my goal is for kids to be able to recreate these later on their own,

There are no prerequisites for any session – take one, take ’em all! The cost for each individual session, which covers tuition and supplies, is $30.

*Participants must have sufficient manual dexterity to fold and cut well on their own, which is why the suggested age range starts at 8, as most 8-year-olds can do this by themselves. 7-year-olds who have sufficient dexterity would be welcome to join in.

2 stand-alone sessions on Mon 8/29-Tues 8/30 in Ardmore, PA from 10:15-11:30

DayDream Kreative Studios, a small storefront space located at 35 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003. We’ll be the only group using the space during class time.

Budding author/illustrators – or ANYONE! Bookmaking is fun! I’ve found that for many kids, even if they don’t have an idea for what to do with a blank book initially, the act of making the book often ends up leading to an idea – even if it’s something simple, like using it as a card/gift for someone.

Stephanie teaching a group of 5-year-olds how to make a modified pamphlet book


  • OPTION 1, SINGLE-SHEET BOOKS (aka “what can I make with just one piece of paper?”) Amazing quick mini books, also known as zines – no stitching, non-adhesive, super simple, fun and satisfying to make! I’ll demonstrate how to connect multiple signatures (what we call the books when we’re including them as part of a larger whole) in order to create a larger book – we’ll spend time decorating and, if time permits, explore other single sheet variations.
One of my absolute favorite simple book formats, the single-sheet origami pamphlet book!
  • OPTION 2, STITCHED PAMPHLET BOOKS WITH WRAP-AROUND COVERS Students will create a wraparound-cover book with a decorative brad closure (this is a simple sewn binding, sewn using blunt tapestry needles).
A student showing off her wraparound cover pamphlet stitch book
A student’s wraparound cover pamphlet stitch book
  • OPTION 3, SNOWFLAKE / CATERPILLAR BOOKS: a simple origami fold yields pieces that can be glued together to create very unusual book structures that can either open like folded flowers/snowflakes (and make great decorations / ornaments), or books that open like long, complex caterpillars. They’re certainly unlike any other book your learner’s likely encountered in the library!
Caterpillar & snowflake books
  • OPTION 4, RUBBER BAND / 2-HOLE BOOKS: a delightfully simple way to hold multiple pages together, using only a straw / stick and rubber band! During our time together, students will learn about more than one way to make these simple bindings. Decorating fun ensues with the use of decorative hole punches!
Decorative hole punches add quite an impact to a rubber band book!
  • OPTION 5, RIBBON-TIED ACCORDION BOOKS: what a fun way to create a long book that spreads out into one giant tableau! We’ll create a hinged accordion, learning how to fold and connect two longer pieces into an accordion center. Before we glue on the covers, we’ll learn how to include a ribbon that can be used to tie the book closed.
Accordion book with collaged board covers & ribbon tie
  • OPTION 6 and beyond – check this listing again! I’ll be adding more 🙂

$30 for each individual class session includes the class fee and all art materials. I limit the class to 8 students maximum to ensure indivdual attention.

Please understand that with limited class space available, when you register, you are holding a space in the class that another student could fill. As such:
*I need a minimum of 4 students to run each session. Should I not reach that minimum by a week prior to class time, I will send you a prompt refund of your registration fee.
*Once enrollment minimums have been met, the class fee is nonrefundable unless a another student is available to take your child’s place.
*I do not offer refunds or make-up classes for missed class sessions.

REGISTER FOR INDIVIDUAL CLASSES BY CLICKING LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION SECTION (You have to pay individually even if you take multiple classes, but you only have to fill out the registration form one time)