a 6-year-old student hard at work on one of his oil pastel creations

Oil pastels are NOT simply messy crayons – there’s so much more you can do with them!

In this fun five-day mini art camp, up to eight young artists from ages 7-9 will meet for one hour each day to explore and create art from their imagination with a messy and delightful art medium: oil pastels! I emphasize process over product, and we’ll be doing a lot of experimentation – my goal is for them to gain familiarity with the medium and its many fun possibilities.

Mon 8/29-Fri 9/2 in Ardmore, PA from 10:30-11:30

DayDream Kreative Studios, a small storefront space located at 35 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003. We’ll be the only group using the space during class time.

A 6-year-old practices gradients and blending on a dinosaur drawing

7-to-9-year-old artists who love the freedom to explore! This process-oriented class is designed for 6-to-9-year-old artists who are relatively new to oil pastels, or for those kids who use oil pastels as if they were crayons, by drawing a picture and shading with just one color at a time. It could be a fun refresher for those who have used them only a few times. It’s beginner-level; we start with basic blending exploration, and branch out into the numerous ways we can use oil pastels.

A 7-year-old’s rather dreamy exploration on dark paper

Day 1: Introduction – blending experiments on light paper
Day 2: Blending experimentation on dark paper
Day 3: Texture experimentation
Day 4: “Painting” with oil pastels and oil
Day 5: Putting it all together!

A 7-year-old explores sgraffito

**PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT offer step-by-step guidance to create look-alike artworks – every student’s work will be different!**
*I focus on PROCESS and not product. The ultimate goal of the class is for your learner to gain familiarity and comfort with the many possibilities of this fun art medium.
*How do they do that? By exploring in different ways! Although I will demonstrate techniques for students to practice in class with me, most of their artwork will be completely self-generated based on the themes and techniques of the day, so I can’t tell you what specific artworks they’ll end up with.
*The first day, they’ll be doing mostly exploration in using their oil pastels so might not have much of anything ‘finished’ feeling.
*They will create an abstract piece on day 2.
*Days 3-5 I will offer ideas and possible guidelines based on the techniques we’re playing with. However, I am totally fine with students deviating from the plan – I’m all about student-led artwork! Some students will gravitate towards particular techniques over others.
*What I CAN tell you is: all your students’ projects will be created with oil pastels 🙂

A 7-year-old’s oil pastel ‘painting’ on textured paper, titled “Strawberry Cow”

I teach a very interactive class. I ask students questions and hope for active participation. I offer clear demonstrations, and use stories & analogies to help students remember concepts. After the demo, I work with the kids, and walk around to help and motivate students as needed!

$125 includes the class fee and all art materials, including a new set of Crayola oil pastels that they’ll use all week and take home at the end of the week! The class is limited to 8 students maximum to ensure indivdual attention.

Please understand that with limited class space available, when you register, you are holding a space in the class that another student could fill. As such:
*I need a minimum of 4 students to run each session. Should I not reach that minimum by a week prior to class time, I will send you a prompt refund of your registration fee.
*Once enrollment minimums have been met, the class fee is nonrefundable unless a another student is available to take your child’s place.
*I do not offer refunds or make-up classes for missed class sessions.

A 9-year-old-explores shape and color