I have been making and illustrating books since I was a child, and that love of books led me to becoming the Featured Artist at New York City’s Center for Book Arts in 1995! I continue to create artist books, and hope to publish children’s books.

To see two pages from one of my second-grade book creations, the riveting My Book of Word Problems (You Are Going To Like These!)click here. I’ve included some, ah, more recent book examples below, along with a few random art things, like this bird in boots.

And these birds (drawn on beautiful paper hand-made with flowers pressed directly into it)!

You can also see prints & cards from my original illustrations in my etsy shop, Little Teapot!

Book art is still my main medium of choice – primarily one-of-a-kind. Below you’ll find a sampling of illustrations from just a few of the many books I’ve made.

Animals on Wheels: So far, I’ve created just one editioned book, Animals on Wheels, which I designed, printed and bound as the Center for Book Art’s featured artist in 1995. It’s about the rules in an animals-only roller rink. I’ve just found a link to a bookstore online who is selling copies (for twice the original selling price…hmmm…), but conveniently, they have a mini-slide show (click on ‘view slideshow,’ on the right above the ‘add to cart’ button) so you can check out a few other images from the book.

And click on the image below to watch a fabulous video, Delightful Journeys, from the Bainbridge Museum of Art’s series “Artist’s Books Unshelved,” that features Animals on Wheels in great detail!

When Toast Attacks: A fun book project chronicling my relationship with wheat (to which I’d long been allergic, until a course of acupuncture). It was featured on a website called The Ganzfeld, and to my great sadness the site is no longer active and the interactive feature allowing you to flip through the whole book no longer functions. I aim to eventually upload it myself, but in the meantime, here are some individual pics (those are actual melba toast covers, heavily sprayed with sealant):

Monkey Toe: I made this coptic-bound book about my bunionette surgery and its unanticipated consequences. The back cover is a tracing of my foot; the hospital bracelet wrapped around the cover is the one I wore in the hospital, and the pin sticking out of the little toe is the actual pin from surgery. (You know you’re an artist when you ask to keep something like that, knowing that one day you’ll use it in an art project…) Here are two photos, one of the front cover and one of a two-page spread:

My Little Book of Big Fears: I made this accordion ‘flutter’ book to highlight the fear-based nature of modern society, and its personal manifestations. Here’s a pic of the cover, an overview and one of the two-page spreads.

The Book of Pi: And lastly for books, below is a photo of an edible book that Rob Christie and I created for Books2Eat 2003 at the Center for Book Arts in NY.  It’s called “The Book of Pi.”  It’s an apple pie.  With the first 24 digits of pi stamped out of the crust, and the pi symbol on the spine.  The Book of Pi!   Get it? 

It was auctioned off for $75.  We were told it was delicious.  It’s since been featured in articles in several publications – Jalouse, a Russian magazine; The CostCo store magazine; various newspapers (including The New York Times – it illustrates a story on edible books; check it out!)- and it’s been featured on a few posters, as well!