A 6-year-old artist having fun in class!

In this joyful, creative mini art / creativity camp, students will create art from imagination based on quick prompts, make up stories & laugh together! It’s a chance to practice flexible thinking and growth mindset. There are no mistakes here!

This fun five-day mini art camp, for young artists from ages 7-9, is grounded in the idea that some truly fun and wonderful moments happen when kids allow their imaginations free reign without any pressure to create a particular thing! This is less an art-making class and more of a creativity class – we won’t be using to learn specific art materials or anything technique-focused. All activities involve creative prompts and open-ended fun.

One thing artists everywhere have in common is that they experiment and make mistakes, and often find joy in the process. Indeed, we won’t be doing any prescribed artwork in this class – every artist’s artwork will be unexpected and look different from the art other kids create! I use some simple art prompts to help kids create art from the unexpected, and we often end up making up little stories about what we have created – it almost always leads to silliness and laughter.

Monday June 27-Friday July 1, 11:30am-12:30pm

DayDream Kreative Studios, a small storefront space located at 35 E Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003. We’ll be the only group using the space during class time.

7-to-9-year-old artists who love plumbing the depths of their imaginations – but this is also a great opportunity for kids who feel a little more tentative about art-making and worry about making mistakes. This gives kids a lot of practice in letting go of the idea of a perfect and expected result – I’ve had numerous class parents tell me this is a great way to explore growth mindset.

This drawing was created by a 7-year-old artist in one of my classes: a fire-breathing, coffee-drinking raptor named Bob Jr. with a great story to go along with it!

This class is very experiential and growth-mindset oriented – it can change the way kids think about art-making, especially if they’re used to mostly doing copy-me-exactly kind of classes! Throughout the week, interspersed with our creating, we’ll read a few books about making mistakes and finding possibilities in things. I’m constantly encouraging kids to think outside the box, questioning and pushing them to take their idea further – if they want to! I don’t prescribe outcomes – I offer suggestions. It’s like I’m giving them a giant map, and they’re choosing their own path! And by modeling flexible thinking in the creation process, I give them permission to change direction, at any time.

I start each day with a new prompt for kids to start a work of art – it might be by creating a certain kind of mark, or modifying or folding their paper in some way. I will sometimes add in in some story- or wordplay, simple prompts to help the kids invent stories together, which they can also use as inspiration for artwork.

As far as art materials go, we’ll be keeping it simple – we’ll primarily use drawing materials (markers, crayons, colored pencils) and collage (paper, glue stick, scissors), and most of the projects will involve at least some drawing.

A 6-year-old artist created this starting with a very simple prompt.

I can’t give you a clear answer – I’m not sure!
*On each day, the art prompts will lead to a large variety of outcomes – I have no idea what your child will come up with. I just know they’re going to be using their imaginations.
*Finished artworks may not be refrigerator-worthy – this is process vs product, very much about exploration and finding joy in the unexpected.
*Some kids may not end up wanting to keep anything but the experience! But often, the results are really entertaining and downright awesome.

I teach a very interactive class. I ask students questions and hope for active participation – but I never force kids to share if they’re feeling shy! I offer clear demonstrations, and very much model the flexibility I’m hoping to encourage. I ask tons of questions and offer lots of ideas. We laugh a lot together!

Please understand that with limited class space available, when you register, you are holding a space in the class that another student could fill. As such:
*I need a minimum of 4 students to run each session. Should I not reach that minimum by a week prior to class time, I will send you a prompt refund of your registration fee.
*Once enrollment minimums have been met, the class fee is nonrefundable unless a another student is available to take your child’s place.
*I do not offer refunds or make-up classes for missed class sessions.

$125 includes the class fee and materials. I limit the class size to 8 students maximum to ensure indivdual attention.