What should you expect from an art class with me?

I model flexible thinking and creativity.
My students know that if they ask, “Stephanie, can I…” the answer is usually “Yes!!”

I emphasize the PROCESS of art-making. Exploring different ways to use materials is a fundamental part of thinking like an artist.

Each student will have a unique end product – I don’t dictate what students’ art will look like. Unless I’m teaching a very specific technical skill, I give students room to make projects their own, and offer guidance as needed.

Virtual classes are small (between 6-10 students, depending on age) to ensure engagement with each student!


Class topics include, but are not limited to:

Making Art From Mistakes and Imagination: Creative Prompts for Art Play, Fostering Creativity & Growth Mindset!
for ages 6-10 (and up!)
Learn how a “mistake” or unexpected start can lead to a whole new way of thinking! Creative art prompts, like the one I demonstrate in my Kennedy Center video, inspire flexible and imaginative thinking.

Making Art From Mistakes and Imagination: Creative Prompts for Art Play, Fostering Creativity & Growth Mindset!
for ages 6-10 (and up!)
Why stop with one intro session? Meet weekly to explore the twists and turns of your imagination as we create and laugh together!

Since I am a book artist, teaching bookmaking is a passion for me!
Bookmaking is a wonderful way to bring out the storyteller in all of us. When people make books – they want to fill them! 
Just a few options:
–Make Your Own Simple Sewn Bindings: Stitched Blank Books
–Make Your Own No-Sew Books From Just One Piece of Paper
–The Envelope Accordion: A Repository for Wonderful Things
–“THAT is a book?” Unusual Origami Book Structures

for ages 7 and up
All of these topics share relatively simple materials and clear, focused instruction. Students will end class with at least one finished book, and in many cases multiple books, to fill with whatever they like!

Pop-Ups 101, Bring Paper to Life! Make Pop-Up Cards & Books
for ages 8 or 9+
Pop-ups always elicit oohs and aahs, but the basics behind them are fairly simple. I’ll guide you through the simplest techniques: the basic box, basic beak, and spiral. We’ll use these to make different cards, and eventually connect some of them together to create a simple book!

Tessellations: Art, Math, and the Magic of Making Amazing Patterns
for ages 8+
How did artist M.C. Escher create his magical interlocking patterns? How did Islamic artists create infinite, complex patterns that seem to continue on forever? It’s not as impossible as it looks! Learn how art & math come together to create amazing interlocking infinite patterns, which can be decorated in so many different ways. (Don’t worry – even though I’ll mention geometry terms along the way, this is not a math class.)

The Wonderful, Wet World of Watercolor Painting: From the Basics to Beyond
for ages 7+
In this process-oriented painting class, learners start with the basics and then quickly move beyond using watercolors to simply paint solid colors. Practice blending, explore brushstrokes, and marvel at the different textures and effects we get when we combine them with other materials! Gain familiarity and comfort using this versatile art medium.

Oil Pastels 101: Wonderful, Messy, Blendy Fun
for ages 6-9
Oil pastels are so much more than messy crayons! In this class, young artists explore the delights of blending & creating texture with pastels, as well as how to take care of them. This is not step-by-step, but joyful exploration! (You’ll also learn how to minimize the mess!)

Tempera Painting Basics: The Joy of Mixing Colors, & More
for ages 6-9
In this introductory class, explore the magic of color mixing, making tints and shades, and using our skills as color alchemists to move into creating more fully realized paintings.

Drawing from Observation: The Basics of Perception
for ages 11+

Anyone can learn to draw what they’re looking at – learning to draw is about learning to see. Through a series of perceptual-based drawing exercises, you’ll unlock your ability to notice more clearly and reproduce on paper what you see in front of you.

Art Appreciation Conversation: Discuss & Sketch With a Museum Educator
for ages 7+
What can we learn by looking at, discussing and drawing from works of art? How can we make connections to our daily lives? We’ll look at several related artworks based on a theme (for example: portraits, power; landscape), discuss and draw from them. Some artworks will really appreal to some learners and not others – this is one fun thing about looking at and discussing art in a group! Gain experience looking at and discussing art, understanding there is no “right” answer you ought to have. Although I’ll provide some information about the artwork in an organic fashion, please note that this will not in any way be a lecture or an art history lesson. I’m primarily acting as a facilitator of conversation!

Young Artists Explore Line & Shape
for Ages 4-6
In this process-focused class, young artists will play with the art building blocks of line and shape through drawing and collage! What are lines? What are shapes? What can we do with them? We’ll be learning about different types of lines, organic and geometric shapes, and creating simple images to explore those concepts.

Collage Illustration
for ages 6-9
How can shapes tell a story? Let’s dive into the element of shape through collage exploration. We’ll explore elements of composition and be inspired by illustrator Leo Leonni as we learn to tell a visual story through collage.

Private Art Tutoring
for any age!
What are you interested in learning? I have experience with numerous media other than mentioned here, and would be happy to work with you to develop something appropriate based on your needs and skill level.

I’ll add more as the urge strikes!

Email me to set up or join a class, and get your creativity flowing!